The Summoning 01




I’m part of a group that will develop this game for the course Big Game Project. I’m the lead artist in this group and the game that I’m working on is called The Summoning.

The Summoning is a top-down perspective 3D game that will pitch players against each other in an environment of asymmetrical gameplay. The game combines some of the mechanics of a real time strategy game and an action adventure. It is set in a fictional world inspired by the Asian Japanese mythology.

In the game you either take on the role as one of the chosen few human soldiers, whose mission is overthrow the ruling demon overlord who’s been tormenting the world. Or you take on the role as that very demon, as you try to prevent the humans from succeeding with their mission.

The game is inspired by the demons of old Japanese mythologies and architecture of ancient Shintoism. The style is reminiscent of the Japanese woodprint art style from the 1500s -1700s with artists such as Hokusai. The art style uses rough ink outlines and watered down ink color on top of pale parchment. Since the game is in 3D the style will be achieved through usage of edge detection shaders and parchment texturing.

Anyway what I’m mostly doing in this project for now is the styleguide that will show the other graphic artists in the group what they will have to do to get a cohesive look for the game. This part was a bit challenging for me even though I did a styleguide for our game in a previous course. This time the difference is that the game is done in 3D instead of 3D. My knowledge of 3D is very limited so I had to try my best to make everything as clear as possible. The hardest part was to try and define the texures in the guide. Our artsyle is heavily based on the use of shaders in the game engine and I have zero experience of working in Unity. But I did write down as much that I could for my lack of knowledge.

However the more eaiser part of the styleguide consisted of a detailed description of how the 2D part of the game will look like. I wrote down everything from the size of the document to brush sizes to whick kind of brush that will be used.

This is what I want to explore more in this course by working with the texturing part in the game engine and learn more about it. Other things that I will mostly work on for this project is the environment and creating organic models like trees, bushes, rocks etc beacuse this is not something that I have worked with before. I hope this course will give new knowledge and give me a new way to look at things.

We will see how this will work out, so wish me luck!



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